Learn to Design, build, and program your own Robots & projects with RESP Robotics Program ,one of its kind of a Program to kick start your robotics carrer. Start from Building robots with basic output devices like LED, Speakers to create projects that light up, make noise. Learn to use sensors & motors to make your robot navigate around and make its own decision. Learn to make use of Temperature sensor & light sensors to design various projects of your own. Program robots to avoid obstacle and navigate to reach target. The program involves teaching students Robotics Design using electronic circuit design & computer programming.

What can you Design after finishing RESP?

  • Use motors,sensors & Microcontrollers to automatically close and open your window curtain.

  • Trigger a alarm when some one enters your room with out permission.

  • Build Emergency light that switches on automatically during power cut.

  • Design sensor circuit that can be used to switch OFF and ON appliances just by waving your hand.

  • Design & Build robots that can follow light , avoid obstacle etc.

  • Use temperature sensor to design fire alaram

  • Many more projects & ideas of your own using sensors,motors & Microcontroller.


Basics & Introductions

  • Basics of Electronics & Computer Technology

  • Introduction to Electronic Components

  • Introduction to Embedded Syatems & Microcontroller

  • Basics of Electronics & Computer Technology

Get Started with Microcontroller

  • Features of Microcontroller

  • Understanding Microcontroller Hardware

  • Understanding Microcontroller Development Board

Softaware part of Microcontroller

  • Installing & Setting Up software on your computer to start working with Microcontroller

  • Configure Software and testing connection with microcontroller

Your First Microcontroller Project - Switch ON & Control a simple LED Light

Get started with interfacing





  • Infrared Sensor interfacing

  • Light Sensor interfacing

  • Temperature Sensor interfacing

  • PIR Sensor interfacing

Motor Interfacing

  • DC Motor interfacing


# Batch Start Date Time Total Seats
Batch A1 [Postponed from 7th March] March 12th 9:00AM-4:00PM COMPLETED
Batch A2 [Postponed from 9th March] March 19th 9:00AM-4:00PM COMPLETED
Batch A3 March 26th 9:00AM-4:00PM COMPLETED
Batch A4 APRIL 16th 9:30AM-4:30PM COMPLETED
Batch A5 MAY 11 9:30AM-4:30PM COMPLETED
Batch A6 MAY 13 9:30AM-4:30PM COMPLETED
Upcoming Batches if any to be Announced Soon..

Course Duration : 2 Days

Each student will get a RESP Certification from Digitlabz on completing the program.



SAFE Learning Centre No .271/1 , 14th cross , CMH Road Indiranagar, Bangalore-560038​​.


To Be Announced


2000 INR /-


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Note: Registration at our centre will be done only on saturdays between 9AM - 12PM.

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  5. In the case of registering and not paying the fees your registration will be automatically canceled and the seat will be alloted to another student in the same batch.

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